Instead of reacting to investor biases once it’s too late to effect change, advisors need a pro-active approach to interact with and guide their clients. The goal of Behavioral Portfolio Design™ is not just to curb investor biases, but to help investors do the opposite of the crowd and take advantage of its potential for poor decision-making abilities. Synthesis Investments behavioral training and tools position advisors as behavioral coaches. Behavioral Portfolio Design™ gives you the tools to:

  • Position yourself as a behavioral coach who addresses market risks
  • Understand and track investors’ behavioral tendencies
  • Build portfolios that attempt to simultaneously anticipate market dislocations and meet both the behavioral and economic needs of your investors
  • Discuss with your investors plans of action for market disruptions in advance, and ask them to make pre-commitments to take certain actions when market challenges emerge
  • Provide ongoing investor behavioral resources to guide investors through market stress events